Comprehensive Offshore Solutions Custom product design to entire production transfer

Simple PROJECTS or complex PROGRAMS, we help you to achieve your goals!


We have abundant experience in handling development plans from single projects to large-scope programs that range from vendor sourcing to goods delivered to your door.  We have managed the building of entirely new chains of supply for various commodities in China, in preparation for and to support the transfer of product manufacturing from the USA and Europe to China.  We have managed product transfers seamlessly ensuring hardly a beat is missed.  Our objective is zero product rejection on inbound inspection, and zero customer complaints.

Locating a new supplier is not as simple as turning to some e-commerce supplier directory, placing the order, wiring money when the order is complete, receiving the goods at your warehouse, and then shipping to your customer.  There is a great deal at stake including your reputation, and your financial resources. At Global Supply 360, the work begins when we receive the order and it does not end until the product has reached 'End of Life'. We can see you through the entire Product Life Cycle (PLC), if you require that much oversight. 


New Products and Product Transfers require vendors with the necessary capabilities to support the requirements, and must be properly vetted.  Locating and qualifying new vendors is only the beginning.  Acceptable quality control, and processes and procedures to support your initiatives must be established.  Vendors must be mentored and directed on these aspects to ensure standards are established so expectations are met.  Implementing these steps ensures that the on-going supply of product and/or components from each vendor will be continual to avoid interruption and constraints that may impact production.


Backup suppliers are need!  At GLOBAL SUPPLY 360 we feel it is critical to have numerous, qualified backup vendors available in different regions.  A contingency plan allows you to shift production, as seamlessly as possible, if any unforeseen circumstances arise which could impact your current product or component supply.  GLOBAL SUPPLY 360 can assist you in preparing and strengthening your supply chain.  



Commodity Sourcing

You Need It, We'll Find it.

Whether you are seeking a new source to reduce costs for an established product, seeking additional suppliers to satisfy new or upcoming increases in volume demand, or looking for a reliable manufacturer for a new product, GLOBAL SUPPLY 360 can make it happen.


Problem Solving

PROBLEMS?  We counter challenges with creative solutions.


Your orders have gone astray.  Communication breaks down between you and a critical supplier. You suspect the information you are receiving about your development is not spot on. Tooling and first-off samples are experiencing too many delays, and the excuses are piling up.  Some refer to it as Murphy’s Law. Whatever you call it, if you are feeling something is amiss, your intuition may be right. We can intervene and provide an impartial and accurate assessment of the situation. 


Over the years we have seen some crazy problems develop with tooling, samples, production, finished goods, and beyond.  While everyone back at home was thinking it was all good, the project was completely out of control.  GLOBAL SUPPLY 360 can help your company avert disaster.  Contact us to learn about establishing an account with us and how we can assist you.