Definition:  The use of skills and knowledge in coordinating the organizing, planning, scheduling, directing, controlling, monitoring, and evaluating of prescribed activities to ensure that the stated objectives of a project, manufactured good, or service are achieved.
We have the experience (well over 60,000 hours of highly technical consumer electronics NPI stuff alone) to make your projects a success. 
The best COST, SCHEDULE and PERFORMANCE is what we live for.
COST under budget, SCHEDULE on time and stellar development / production PERFORMANCE are our GOALS.

Global Supply 360 Client Project Status Dashboard
Each project GS360 is involved in has it's own unique reporting cloud based dashboard and project management tool as seen below.  These dashboards and management schedules are available for client reference via our cloud server 24/7, 360.   We can also set your account up to enable email notifications to any or all team members or management in your organization.  
 Global Supply 360 Project Management Tool