GS360 can provide an inspection, audit and review of your prospective (or current) factories Human Rights Policies' (HRP's) and confirm that these policies are being adhered to and followed to the letter.  When dealing with LCC (low cost country) manufactures you need to always remain on your toes and continuously watch for HRP violations.
We would also confirm that the facility is following local and state regulations for the following: 
      Working hours per day.
      Working days per week.
      Working days per month.
      Days off per week and month.
      Break time allowances.
      Bio-break (toilet break) allowances.
      Company provided housing and conditions.
GS360 can also investigate to uncover if any Human Rights issues have occurred at this facility in the past, the severity and if fines and / or penalties have been levied against the factory.
It's very important to assure that no Human Rights Policies are being violated at anytime, first for the protection and welfare of the workers who are making your products, and secondly to protect your organizations reputation.  In most cases, only you and your direct representatives are concerned about this; you must be proactive.
There are a number of Human Rights Monitoring groups which are roaming the offshore manufacturing community looking for violations which could place your company name in the headlines, especially if your brand is popular. 
Let's take the necessary steps 'up front' to assure all Human Rights Policies are being adhered to, thus eliminating any and all future issues or unwanted negative publicity.