Yes, it means just what it says; FIX YOUR BIG PROBLEM!  HELP!!!
It happens, why, back in the beginning it happened to us too.  Some unexpected bug just got you in the back.  You left the office yesterday and everything was rolling great; you got to the office this morning, checked your mail (we used to say checked the fax) and not the walls which were built perfectly yesterday have fallen down entirely overnight.  Jeeez............. what do you do now, production has stopped, shipments are bound to be delayed if the problem is not fixed immediately (like within today), what do you do?  It's so serious that a quick international flight is warranted so the impact on CSP (Cost, Schedule, Performance) is limited and senior management doesn't blow a gasket.  Who are you going to call? 
Calling Ghostbusters wont help; you need to call Global Supply 360 to assist in taking immediate action to evaluate the situation, stabilize it, and start the repair or rebuild.  
It happens, we've seen factories suddenly be shut down by government offices, we mean production just stopped and the power turned off and doors locked with critical production, tooling and fixtures also locked inside.   This problem was solved by our representative meeting in the local court, with a judge, and negotiating an immediate release of the finished goods, tooling and fixtures to our client.  After the release of the property, it was urgently transferred to a different factory, cleaned mounted and fired up so production could resume just a few days later.  
Call us before anything like the above happens.