All factories have sub-suppliers in one form or another providing 'WIPS' or or 'sub assemblies'.  This is one area where you need to maintain a close watch, GS360 can provide that security for you.  Not only could the WIPS be provided by a second or third factory but those same factories or others could also be building your entire product, unbeknownst to you, and you'll never know until quality and safety issues start to appear.    The subcontracting the full assembly of a main product, without the knowledge of the buying company happens more often than you think.  This practice can lead to huge problems, possibly RECALLS.
Many factories will simply accept order which are far greater than their own factory's capacity and will need to subcontract the overage out. Other factories will continue to accept, from multiple buyers, many orders which will need to be fabricated simultaneously - how can they do this with a limited capacity? They can't do it, so the overage is subcontracted to other factories.  When an order is sub'ed out, typically the entire supply chain and manufacturing process is left to the subcontracting factory, this can result in massive problems.   You can imagine the problems which can arise when a factory that has, in most cases, not received the same detailed instructions from the buyer as the main factory.  The sub factory is now procuring all of the materials, performing all of the incoming quality inspections, product inspections and rework (not) and final packaging (adding the little 'inspected and passed by #124' sticker).  Brother, what a mess this will be for a number of the products.  When an unknown factory is producing your products, the following can occur: 
      *** Look out now, remember these products are now being fabricated with limited supervision; here
            are only some of the variables which can occur***
      Material color variations.
      Use of lower cost materials which could and may very well contain harmful chemicals or 
            or elements (example: paints containing lead).   
      Substandard materials.
      Improper safety markings and labeling.
      Lower quality and inspection standards.
      Lack of proper laboratory and in-house testing.
      Human Rights violations. 
      Local, state or central government rules are being violated.
      Financial problems.
      Government tax issues.
      Old and worn equipment and machinery. 
While you the buyer may have previously spent painstaking time conducting a factory audit, inspection, interviews, researched and approved the factory you awarded the order to, you now have no idea what the conditions are of the sub-factory where a good portion of your production is going to take place.
Wow, that's not a good scene.   A countless number of problems could arise from this bad picture, DON'T LET IT HAPPEN TO YOU!
GS360 can keep a close watch on your entire product supply chain allowing you to focus on more important issues back at the home office.