GS360 has access to and works with numerous high quality and reputable testing labs in all regions; no compromises are made by us in this category!
Testing is offered to validate safety and the compliance of materials and products to various established requirements and regulations established by our client or government agencies.  Testing may also be needed to assure formulas meet a specific requirement.   From food safety to toy safety, continuous testing and verification of your products safety is essential in order to prevent consumer injury and / or recall.
GS360 can work with your factory to obtain raw material, component and finished product samples for supervised testing and safety verification.  Or better yet, a GS360 representative can visit the factory producing your product and personally pick samples (at all stages of production) for testing.  The latter allows all of us to rest assure that only representative samples are chosen for the testing process (we've been at street level at times and are familiar with how some factories may operate); sorry but we'll pull our own samples, thank you. 
We are here to protect your interests.