OMG!  Your supplier has just closed his factory doors without notice; your production has shut down, your tooling and fixtures are locked up and sitting idle.  WHAT DO YOU DO?
Wow, what a terrible scenario.  It can happen, we've seen it happen, we've solved the problems.  
There can be so many scenarios, such as:
  •  The business has declared bankruptcy.
  • The government has closed the factory due to tax or legal issues.
  • The government has seized the business and all assets within it.
  • The owner has simply fled with the money.
  • Let your imagination go on from here.......
Okay, but now not only has your production stopped, or hopes for future product have all evaporated, you've also lost your tooling, dies, consigned equipment, work in process and materials in inventory - some materials with very long lead times.  Ouch, that hurts. 
We've seen it happen to the best of organizations and the best and most careful of buyers.  It's occurred in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. 
If you work with Global Supply 360 (GS360), it'll never happen during our watch.  If you find yourself in any of these situations, or suspect that things are just not feeling right, give us a call; we have experience and can get a team on it right away.   Time is of the essence, don't wait, contact us so we can start an investigation and assessment immediately.