GS360 is ready to visit your current or prospective supplier on your behalf to assist you with a number of great valuable on the spot services.  A GS360 account manager is already in the region and close to the action.  Our services can be performed for you the very next day or in many cases 'the same day as the request' (thanks so much to world time differences).   If necessary, we can dispatch a representative and while the they are in transit you can take the time to prepare the necessary documentation you believe may be needed during the visit, then send via e-mail or you can upload documentation to your assigned storage folder on your server (this would allow the GS360 Account Manager to download your documentation urgently from the field).
Some of the services we can assist with are, but not limited to, the following:
      Factory inspection.
      Review and record factory organization.
      Review, record and confirm factory certifications.
      Review record, evaluate and confirm quality control processes, procedures, methods and
      Interview management, staff and workers.
      Evaluate the business attitude of factory Principles, Sr. Management and key staff members.
      Interview small business owners and residents surrounding the factory.
      Review and evaluate the factory financial statements and Government business and tax records.
      Review and verify factory operating permits and licenses. 
      Review and verify the factories environmental impact.
      Observe, review and evaluate the production taking place at the time of our visit.
      Review and evaluate factory safety record.
      Observe, interview and confirm the factories Human Right's Policies and verify compliance.  We
             would also discuss this point with surrounding stores and shops. 
      If requested, supply a video of the factory tour and inspection for client review and records. 
            This recording would be made available on our server for client downloading. 
      Prepare and supply a detailed report containing GS360 findings / evaluations along with copies of
            all supporting documentation, photo's and videos.
Our goal is to be your eyes, ears and nose on location, to fully evaluate the claims, reliability and visual performance of the factory in order to avoid future problems whether they apply to manufacturing capabilities or business ethics.  Your best interest are our only concerns.