Mastering Lean Product Devleopment
Author: Ronald Mascitelli
As competition in the manufacturing sector intensifies, excellence in new product development has become a mandate. Renowned author, educator, and lean product development expert Ron Mascitelli takes the reader through his Event-Driven Lean Product Development process, from its beginnings in innovation, effective problem-solving, knowledge creation, and organizational learning, through to the rapid commercialization of highly successful products. This proven and practical approach balances all aspects of market success: customer value, profitability, time-to-market, and quality. Specific topics covered in this Event-Driven Lean Product Development framework include: - Selecting and prioritizing new product opportunities that have a high probability of market success. - Optimizing the productivity of finite development resources, and arbitrating resource conflicts in a multi-project environment. - Implementation of a practical, flexible, event-driven process that ensures the highest degree of cross-functional collaboration at every stage in new product development. - Managing the day-to-day efforts of developers and project teams through Visual Workflow Management. - Capturing the voice-of-the-customer in every new product by systematically identifying and ranking differentiation opportunities. - Building a realistic project schedule that is created and owned by the developers themselves. - Proactively identifying project risks and mitigating them through systematic (A3) problem-solving. - Employing rapid cycles of learning and set-based design to close knowledge gaps and build a foundation of high-value knowledge for future projects. - Implementing the Production Process Preparation (3P) methodology to maximize the manufacturability and quality of each new product. Mastering Lean Product Development represents the definitive roadmap to achieving breakthroughs in speed, efficiency, and customer value for any firm engaged in new product development.