After attending all 20 of the New Product Development courses , this will be your opportunity to get out and experience the 'real world'. You'll find out that the material you learned in the NPD courses was 'right on spot'. You'll also learn and experience yourself a number if 'interesting facts' and 'ways of business' which are impossible for us to teach you in a classroom setting.   During the EXPEDITION you'll be shadowing us on a number of different New Product Development projects covering a variety of product categories - from high tech electronics to low tech handy craft type products. THE EXPEDITION will provide you with New Product Development, Business, Relationship and Travel experience that will 'by all means'  be beneficial to your success! 
This opportunity will give you face time with most all of the elements you can experience in International Business.   For those of you who are students, The EXPEDITION will put you many steps ahead of your fellow students (and co-workers when you start in your first career position), The EXPEDITION will greatly enhance your resume.  
This is an experience you can't afford to miss!    For more information on this rare opportunity, please contact us via e-mail to, we'll get right back to you.  

Who Should Attend

Career Seekers
Students - All Studies
Those interested in the following
      Consumer Electronics
      Cut and Sewn Products
      Clothing and Accessories
            High Tech Consumer Goods
Employees of companies that want to
explore buying or producing offshore
Those already employed but want to
increase their value to open more
doors (personal growth)

What Will We Be Doing?

We'll be using Hong Kong's Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok or WanChai area's as our home base.   From there we'll be branching out to a number of Hong Kong locations, from the busy streets of the Central financial zone to the heavy industrial areas of Kwun Tong. From Hong Kong, we'll jump across the border and hit a number of different locations within So. China, using the philosophy that we'll go where the products, their manufacturers, parts suppliers, tooling fabricators, logistics suppliers and Government Regulators lead us.  Perhaps we'll have a meal with a local China government official (click here and see me in the back of the picture), perhaps make a stop at FoxConn and see some iPhones being made. We can even visit a Burberry or Stella McCartney handbag manufacturing facility - can't buy any because these are the real thing, not fakes!
You are probably getting it now, we're going to see real high and low volume manufacturing and how they do it, where the raw materials come from, how they're converted, fabricated, tested for safety and quality, packaged, transported to the port and shipped out. Be prepared to move fast and see and learn a lot. 
For those who would like to capture the experience of business, product development and manufacturing in more regions within Asia, we can move on to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  There we can spend a few days and stop in at a number of consumer goods factories fabricating products for the US and European markets.