Course                    Course Description



NPD 419          Building Your Patent Portfolio


Module No. 19 
Module Content:

While we’re at it, if we can, let’s build the value of our organization by growing the inventory of Intellectual Property (IP).  In this course we’ll teach you how to be keen and observant when it comes to identifying optional IP.


Examples of the Module topics:

·         Why be concerned with Patents?

·         How do I know if I have a Patentable product, process, machine or composition?

·         Where do I start?

·         Who do I contact about a patent?

·         International Patents – Should I be concerned?

·         How to file for International Patents.

·         How long will a Patent take to be reviewed and issued?

·         How much will a Patent cost?


What you’ll gain from this Module:

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

·         identify elements of their new product which may be patentable

·         apply for patent protection domestically

·         seek international patent protection                



Module Length: 1 hour + 

Instructor: Loren Ouellette

Module Cost: $75.00