Course                Course Description



NPD 418          Problem Solving

Module No. 18

Module Content:


Who wants to go there!  But we need to.  You need to know how to get a good grip on a problem which could arise.  Identify it, Isolate it and Solve it before the Cost, Schedule and Performance of the project is impacted.   We’ll teach you how to identify a problem and how to react with the seller (factory) customer and your seller.   

Examples of the Module topics:

·         Why be concerned with Problem Solving, what could possibly go wrong?  

·         Creating a Back-Up Plan

·         How soon do I react?

·         How do I react?

·         Who do I get involved?

·         Building an emergency team


What you’ll gain from this Module:

At the conclusion of this course, students will have the knowledge to

§         know what steps to take in order to solve a product project related problem   

§         build a response team if needed


Module Length: 1 hour + 

Instructor: Loren Ouellette

Module Cost: $75.00