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NPD 415          Insuring, Shipping and Importation

Module No. 15

Module Content:


Your production has been running, a shipment is ready and your asking ‘What do I do now?’.  This course will teach you what needs to be done next.  You’ll learn how to determine the right type of transportation is best for your situation and product.  With so many choices – air freight, ocean freight, ground and a combination of each; it can get your head spinning.  Then, what do you do about insurance? We’ll teach you!  After that, you’ll be asking “How do I get my shipment into our county?  You can just drive them across a border.  For each shipment that arrives in the USA, a formal entry needs to be made.  The formal entry helps to make it clear to most everyone the product classification and duty charges. 


Examples of the Module topics:

·         Why do I need insurance?

·         How do I obtain insurance?

·         How to ship your product (Domestic and International

·         Ocean Transport

·         Air Transport

·         Ground Transport

·         Importation process for international goods

·         What is a CHB and what do they do?

·         Potential importation issues which can arise


What you’ll gain from this Module:

At the conclusion of this course, students will have the knowledge to:

·         select the appropriate method of shipping

·         calculate shipping costs

·         select and arrange insurance coverage

·         arrange for Customs clearing

·         arrange for transport of goods to destination


Module Length: 1 hour + 

Instructor: Loren Ouellette

Module Cost $75.00