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NPD 414          Paying for Your Product – (Not Financing, paying for development, manufacturing and all other costs)


Module No. 14

Module Content:

Your product has made (or a portion) and now you need to pay your vendor.  There are a number of ‘SAFE FOR YOU’ ways to pay for your goods and you’ll learn them in this course.   We can also back up to almost the beginning and apply the content of this course to the placement and confirmation of your production order with the selected vendor, you shouldn’t just write them a check.   In this course we’ll look at many of the different ways to secure your order / production and remain safe from being ripped off.   We’ll also look at the various reasons why you may need to cover numerous extra charges from your vendor / supplier.   We’ll look closely at the use of Cash, Credit Cards, Paypal and Letters of Credit so you have a good understanding of the convenience, inconvenience and risks of each.


Examples of the Module topics:

·         The various methods you can use to pay local and offshore vendors

·         Letters of Credit in detail

·         T/T (Telegraphic Cash Transfers) in detail

·         PayPal, Western Union or other options

·         Check or Draft


What you’ll gain from this Module:

At the conclusion of this course, students will have the knowledge to select the appropriate method of payment, negotiate with the suppler and execute the payment as per the agreed terms.      


Module Length: 1 hour + 

Instructor: Loren Ouellette

Module Cost: $75.00