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NPD 401        Ideation - The Front-End Process - Defining, Refining and Developing Your Idea / Product Concept

Module No. 1 

Module Content:


Okay, you have this idea about a new product or technology, you want to pursue having it developed and turned into a tangible or even digital product – what do you do?  How do you do it?  What's keeping you from doing it? Where do you start? You start by attending this course and learning what to do, where to go, and who to speak with so you can complete / refine your concept and move to the next stage. 

Example of the Module topics: 

·         Organizing your thoughts

·         Defining your product

·         Moving your idea or concept to paper, drawing and design

·         Establishing a preliminary ‘product lifecycle’ and 2 / 5 year product road map

** In this course, we will also focus heavily on "What's keeping you from moving forward with your idea".  
What you'll gain from this Module:  
At the conclusion of this module, students will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to: 
                        Finalize their product idea and begin the transition to a tangible product
                        Understand and evaluate the product lifecycle and product road map concept
Module Length: 1 hour + 
Instructor: Loren Ouellette

Module Cost: $75.00